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I couldn't find the perfect skirt. So I decided to make it! Handmade from the most luxurious, ethically-sourced cotton & linen. Designed to last a lifetime.

The Favorite Skirt features a full sweep and fitted waistband with elastic at the back. Modeled after my favorite vintage skirt, it is lined with functional buttons, roomy pockets and belt loops!

Say goodbye to ill-fitting cheap skirts that aren't designed for bigger bodies in mind. This skirt is designed to outlive it's wearer and is extremely versatile.

With big box pleats and luxurious fabric, it will have you singing on hilltops, living in cottages and make all your romantic fairytale dreams closer than you think.

This skirt comes in sizes L - 6X. Please see my size chart for additional sizing info.

The material is a 55% linen, 45% cotton blend. I don't have a physical sample of the brown one yet to show in pics but the skirt's pantone color in pic is Potting Soil.

This skirt is ethically made in Bali Indonesia at Tials Studio, which pays fair wages and provides PTO and paid lunch breaks for employees as well as focuses on low to zero waste and ethically sourced fabrics.

There are very limited quantities available on pre-order, so don't miss out!


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