Styling Session

Styling Session

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✨️ Update your wardrobe with some new clothes personally sourced and styled by yours truly!!!! ✨️


How it works:

Upon purchase I will email you a confirmation and we will prepare for and set up a video consultation (so please make sure the email on your shopify checkout is up to date!)


Before the video visit I will have you email or DM me a link to your pinterest board (if you have one), your size/measurements, and pick certain clothes from your closet for us to discuss.


During the video we will talk about/discover your personal style, your goals, sizing, any wardrobe gaps you may have, and how many/which items you would like me to source for you.


I will spend the next few weeks sourcing and finding items you will love and cherish forever. When I'm finished I will send you pics with measurements of each item and get your approval before shipping.


Your upfront cost (what you pay today) will go towards your items. the prices will be similar to other prices on my shop so if you like more of the pieces I show then you can also buy those over and above the credit from the paid amount today.


If for some reason you don't use all the amount you paid today it will be issued as store credit.


I will then ship your items and if you don't love something I can either 1) source something else for you 2) give you store credit as long as you pay for return shipping on that item.


* although my shop is vintage the styling sessions will include a mix of modern and vintage as it can be difficult to find certain or very specific items in specific sizes *