About Us

Do you love fashion and want high quality, unique & handpicked vintage pieces but don't wanna pay out the rear?

Me too.

As someone who has always bought clothes secondhand, I was shocked went I went into a commercial retail store last year.

Nothing fit right, everything was poor quality, overpriced, mass manufactured, and worst of all? SUPER basic. 🙄

I thought, "How are they getting away with this?" My home town is not known for its great thrift store game, and I had been struggling to find some shorts.

I scoured the web to find some vintage denim and was once again surprised, "$65?!", knowing I could find, buy, make, and sell them for a fraction of the price.

So I did.

So often I've had to pass up vintage GOLD because it wasn't my size.

So, if I don't have to pass it up, and I can bring some awesome quality gems to quality people like you, then my mission is complete. ✌

-Stormie Carter